Saturday, September 13, 2014

Put the Love in Education

Let's face it. I don't really do anything in the traditional way. Why would I lead as a principal in a traditional way? While it may be customary to not blur one's "professional" life with one's "personal" life, I can't seem to separate the two. You see, I am not two people. I am just plain ole' Amy Casey. My life is an open book and love fills my heart. I bring this love to my school, my staff, my students and their families.

I love my school and my people. And yes, I tell them that. I tell teachers that I love them. I tell students that I love them. Because I do. And this love is not a fluffy, surface level, "puppies and rainbows" kind of love. This love is the kind that holds people accountable, while lifting them up…not tearing them down. This love is the kind of love that says, "you may not have gotten it today, but I believe you will get it tomorrow." This love is the kind of love that says, "I am not looking for perfection, but I am looking for the best you can do." This is the kind of love that nudges people to fulfill their potential rather than pushing them over the edge.

Indeed, love is patient and kind. It is not rude or arrogant. It does not insist on its own way. While I have not reached mastery in this endeavor, it is how I strive to lead. I am a human being and on occasion that humanness just comes right on out. However, when I have done my best to lead from this place of love and I have a human slip up, I find that my staff and students are much more inclined to forgive me. In love. Because what goes around…comes around.

This love that I have for my learning community is all about connection. I feel connected to my staff, students and family. They are my "village," my "tribe," my "family." Heck, I actually get to spend more time with them than I do with my own flesh and blood family. So our school BETTER be a good place to be. Not perfect, but a wonderful place to learn and grow together.

So while some might possess a leadership style that is much more "professional" than mine, I have found that love is my way. Namaste dear friends!