Monday, August 19, 2013

Something is Wrong with this Broccoli!

I always love the first few days of school. It is here that I get my best material! :) While walking through the lunch room, a kindergarten student declared, "There is something wrong with this broccoli! It is hard!" Despite the explanations offered up, we could not convince her that it was ok to eat the broccoli this way (fresh).

It isn't just kindergarten students that get stuck like this. How often do we get stuck in our own understanding of something that ultimately keeps us from delighting in a new experience or enjoying the fullness of life? What version of "something's wrong" are you experiencing?


  1. No NO you can't analyze what's wrong with me I know a few thing's are but I will deal with it 1 problem at a time and patience is important Thank's Dr. Casey lol

  2. What?!!! Broccoli doesn't come from a bag in the microwave, with lots of butter and salt? WHAT?!!!!